Our mission is to raise and rescue poodles that are high quality, healthy pets. We train and nurture our intelligent family of poodles in our cabin farm home and they are fully health checked, socialized and have all shots + rabies

  • None of our females are bred until 2 years of age & cleared by our vet. Genetic testing of parents and DNA on-going.

  • Mom's will only be bred once every 12 mos - only 3 litters.

  • We do not rely on our puppy $ale$ for our income.

  • All of our profits go for the care & maintenance of our pack and rehoming of rescued poodles.

  • We only feed high-quality Fromm dogfood  (click the link for more information) is made from select proteins and wholesome ingredients. It is enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion and salmon oil for a healthy coat.


                      Call for references                                                       Note on Delivery via United  





Our Poodle Team

Dude (Sire/Stud muffin NFS)

Cinnabon (Fe Tan Toy NFS)

Ginger (Fe Cream Mini rescue NFS)

Nikki (Fe White rescue NFS)

Hazel (Fe Cafe Au Lait Mini NFS)

Princess (Fe Black Larger Toy NFS)

Misty (Fe Black Toy NFS)

Bobette (Fe Black and Tan Mini NFS)

Angel (Fe Silver Mini NFS)

Shenandoah (Fe Black and Tan Toy NFS)

Annie (Fe Harlequin White with Black spots Toy NFS)

Stewart (Scooter - Male rescue NFS)

Meister Meister (Altered Male - 3/4 poodle 1/4 cocker spaniel NSF)

See available puppies as of Dec 2019 for more..........

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